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Timetable of Courses is not available yet.

Classes and lectures are scheduled to start by 25 of September 2023 (first semester) 

and by 26 of February for the spring semester

7/03/2024 Welcome Day - information for incoming students pdf

Before arriving in Florence

By June 15 Incoming students should send us their application form + learning agreement duly signed and stamped by the Erasmus coordinator of the Home Institution (see application procedure).

Upon arrival in Florence, Incoming students should go first to the International Relations Office of the School of Human Health Sciences to finalize their registration at the University of Florence.


Before arriving in Florence, please register online by entering your personal information (see the instructions pdf).

For the spring semester:

Students (medicine, nursing, pharmacy students) that have clinical rotations and laboratories into the Learning agreement have to arrive not after the 19th of February to finalize the enrollment procedures:

Upon arrival in Florence: check-in

The start date of the Erasmus period coincides with the business day (Monday to Friday) following your travel day as certified by your travel document (e.g., airline ticket, boarding pass, train ticket, highway toll payment receipt, etc.). 

Fill in the Google Form befor your arrival

Attach a copy of your travel document to the form. If the travel document is not in your name, specify this in the email, and the Office will get back to you.

If you are a student from outside the European Union, in addition to your travel document, you must also send a copy of your passport with a student visa (if required). For visa information, see the Universitaly website. If the mobility period is longer than 90 days, a residence permit is also required.

See also the  Application procedure

In the following days, after completing the procedure, you will receive the “statement of arrival” in digital format. You will also receive your student id number, (numero di matricola in Italian) for access to the  GCS Student Career Management (the password is the one chosen during online pre-registration) and your Unifi email address ( that you must use for all communication with Unifi Offices. More information (in Italian).


After your enrolment, you need to update your personal page on GCS Student Career Management with your Italian personal information (e.g., domicile in Florence and Italian phone number). It is important that you keep it up to date.


  • Arrival Certificate
    The Certificate of arrival will be issued upon your arrival only in UniFi format, no other form or declaration will be signed. The International Relations Office of the School will send it to your home university by e-mail and in copy to you only once you have been correctly enrolled and upon reception of the student Id number (Matricola number). 


Italian language courses
The Centro Linguistico di Ateneo (CLA) organizes Italian language courses throughout the academic year. Students with international study grants (Erasmus and similar) during their mobility can register to one Italian Language course free of charge, starting from A2 level. To attend this course students should fill in an online application available at: and follow the relevant instructions. Futher instruction will be sent by e-mail from CLA.

Please note that you can’t get credits for classes at Centro Linguistico di Ateneo.
Segreteria dei Corsi e Mediateca:
Main Office: Via degli Alfani, 58 - Firenze CLA
Facilities at Schools: Centro Didattico Morgagni - Viale Morgagni, 40 - Firenze


Interested students are issued a DSU (Diritto allo Studio Universitario) card for access to the University canteens, which can be requested by booking an appointment on the following portal 


The rate for a complete meal is €8.50, reduced rate with a first course (soup/rice/pasta dish) is €5.40 and reduced rate with a second course (fish/meat/vegetarian dish) is €6.30.


The DSU card that allows access to the canteen must also be used for payment (electronic purse function), as cash payments are not accepted.


The card can be recharged:

• online on Ricarichiamoci, via Paypal or credit card. In order to access the reserved area on it is necessary to be in possession of a SPID digital identity (alternatively, it is also possible to authenticate one’s identity with an electronic identity card or with the national services card) . Foreign citizens in Italy who do not possess a digital identity must open a ticket at the Student Desk at the following link to request a CUR (Unique Recharge Code) which will allow them to top-up their credit online.


• at the designated money meters present in the proximity of various university canteens.


Check out the pages Welcome to Unifi for a brief introduction to the city and the University, including possibilities for accommodation and other practical information for your stay in Italy.

University's Guest House
At some university residences, you can use a paid guesthouse service with special rooms or unassigned or temporarily free accommodation for absentee.


You may also find a room to rent on your own.
Here some information to help you:
- you can look at  or
- you can find lots of rent advertisement directly on the bulletin board at the entrance of Faculties and Libraries
- you can search Google for: 'stanza Erasmus Firenze' or "cerco stanza a Firenze"
- Facebook group
- Housing Anywhere is a housing platform where students that go abroad for an exchange semester or internship can sublet their rooms. Incoming exchange students can rent those rooms.

During your stay

Changes to the learning agreement:
Erasmus students are allowed to change their learning agreement only once per semester. The following deadlines for must be observed:
- 15th November for changes of the first semester or whole year subjects or clinical rotations.
- 15th March for changes of the second semester subjects or clinical rotations.

Extending the period of stay:
If you wish to ask for an extension of your study period you should submit to the Coordinator of your Home Institution the extension of stay form available in the section “FORMS”.

At the end of your Erasmus period: check-out

The closing date of your Erasmus in Florence coincides with the date of the last exam, passed or not, or the end date of classes if no exam was taken. In the case of traineeships, the end date of the mobility coincides with the end date of the activity.

Before checking out, check on GCS Student Career Management to see whether all examinations have been recorded, fill out the “esami sostenuti” form (rtf - pdf), and submit it to our office.

To avoid delays in the issuance of the final Transcript of records, while in Florence, check periodically on GCS Student Career Management the transcripts of exams taken. It is important that records are kept, even of failed exams. Hence, it is your responsibility to ask so to each Professor specifically.

By submitting the form, you communicate that you have completed the activities and wish to receive the Certification of Stay and Transcript of records. The Office will close the mobility and send the Certification of Stay and Transcript of records by email to the home university and in copy to the student

You have formally ended your Erasmus mobility period in Florence by checking out. Therefore, you can no longer take exams or other educational activities

The Certification of Stay issued upon arrival and departure is in Unifi format. No other form or declaration will be signed


  • Erasmus Student mobility proposal form pdf rtf
  • Learning Agreement (doc)
  • Changes to the learning agreement (doc)
  • Extension of stay (pdf)
  • Attendance Form for UNIFI Teachers

Choosing your courses and information

1. Go to:⇒Didattica⇒Ricerca insegnamenti 

2. in the first dialog box select the name of the course (or just keywords)

3. from the drop-down menu "Scuola di" choose Scienze della Salute Umana

4. from the drop-down menu "Tipologia" choose either Laurea triennale (bachelor level) or Laurea Magistrale (master level) or Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico

5. hit "cerca"

6. you will get a list, sometimes fairly long, of all subjects with that name. Click on each to check the semester (from the dates) and get more.  



Didactics information

Erasmus coordinators

School of Human Health Sciences

Medicine and Surgery: 

Plan of study for medicine students


Timetable - Degree in Pharmacy

Timetable - Degree in Medicine and Surgery

Courses - Degree in Medicine and Surgery - Syllabus -


Pharmacy and Chemistry: 


Syllabus/ Teaching programs (pdf)

TIMETABLE 2023 2024


Sport Sciences (3+2 system)

Study Plan for incoming students (pdf)

Erasmus coordinator Prof. Diego Minciacchi

Nutrition (3+2 system)



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